Are Milkshakes the Best Way of Combining Healthy Foods?

Do you remember how last time we talked about how to combine fruits with yogurt for a more delicious treat, while still keeping healthy? Now the time has come to talk about milkshakes! These are anyone’s favorite, but there are people who want to keep away from them because they think they are bad for their health. And, if the ingredients used are unhealthy, yes, they are correct and milkshakes may not be that good for one’s health; loaded with too many calories, they can wreck quite a havoc in a person’s diet, so they do not sound like the best choice for someone who wants to keep healthy and in shape. However, if you take the following tips into consideration, you will find that there are ways of making milkshakes a good choice for a healthy diet.


Get the right type of milk

milkAny milkshakes has, as you know very well, milk as the main ingredient. What kind of milk are you using for your milkshakes? If you go for whole milk, you should know that 12 ounces of whole milk have 75calories, 4 grams of fat and another 3 of unsaturated fat. You are probably thinking right now: that sounds like quite a lot of fat! You are correct. But, if you are replacing the milk you are using with the skim variety, you will lower the amount of calories to only 42 and you will eliminate all that unwanted fat.

You can find out more about milk through this video:


Choose frozen yogurt over ice cream


frozen yogurtAnother healthy choice that is highly recommended by the people at the American Heart Association is to replace the ice cream in your milkshake with frozen yogurt. As is the case with skim milk versus whole milk, you can cut the amount of calories by one third, and also greatly reduce the intake of fat, which is the main culprit why milkshakes are considered so unhealthy.


Make your own at home


home milkshakeThe main problem with fast food milkshakes is that they come loaded with chemically obtained flavors and a lot of sugar and fat, which is why they have that explosive taste that, unfortunately, comes with the unwanted side effects for your waistline and your heart condition. Make your own milkshakes at home, and you will obtain a much healthier alternative that you will be able to consume completely guilt free. In fact, milkshakes are a great way of combining healthy ingredients, and you should not skip this opportunity to indulge in your favorite dessert.

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