Healthy Foods Anyone Should Eat During the Spring

In the previous post, we talked about what greens are the best for rejuvenating our bodies at the beginning of spring. Continuing the idea, here are some great healthy foods you can count on for living healthy in springtime. All these foods do more than just make sure you are eating healthy. They regulate metabolism, they make you feel more energetic and they improve mood. All in all, they are an amazing win for your diet and for yourself.

Enjoy an asparagus soup

strong asparagus

Are you in the mood for a feel good dish? How about trying an asparagus soup? Asparagus is a rich source of folate, which is a type of vitamin B that cannot easily be found in other foods. This vitamin stimulates the production of all the feel good hormones in the human body, which are dopamine and serotonin, among others. Just a cup of boiled asparagus can ensure about two thirds of your daily need of folate. If you improve your dish with a bit of pasta fortified with this vitamin, you will get all that you need for feeling great and ready to face the world all day long.

Beans for weight loss

strong beans

Even if spring is here and there are plenty of green foods available, this does not mean that you should count beans out. They provide a lot of fiber and they make you feel full, while eating very little. A balanced diet should include a few portions of legumes weekly, since this will greatly contribute to maintaining a healthy weight. What happens when you consume legumes is that your body works hard to break down the fiber, so you are basically consuming energy in order to get to the nutrients inside legumes. This is absolutely the kind of food that should not be amiss from your diet in springtime.


strong spinach

Are you feeling down and lacking energy? It is simply your body telling you that you must provide the right fuel for it to resupply. In springtime, one of the greatest foods you can find everywhere is spinach! And it is not the preserved variety that lacks some of the important nutrients spinach is famous for. It is the type that just grows from the ground, filled with all the energies of spring that is just waiting to rejuvenate your body. Besides being an important source of iron, spinach is rich in compounds that energize even the smallest cells. In other words, you will notice a serious increase in your stamina if you eat spinach daily.

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