The best fruit to mix with your daily dose of yogurt


No other food is as economical and complete as yogurt, and when mixed with fruit, this dairy product can provide as many health-giving nutrients as a superfood. Enhancing the flavor of yogurt with honey and fresh fruits also helps you cut back on the consumption of processed sugars. Yogurt is low in fat and extra tasty, aids in good digestion and promotes general well being. Making fresh fruit yogurt is easy, and I have been doing that since finding the perfect yogurt maker from this fantastic site that lists a great selection of such machines. Now on to making fresh fruit yogurt.


The best fruit to use for fresh fruit yogurt

You can choose from a variety of fresh or dried fruits to make yogurt eating more pleasurable. You can go for pineapple, mango and grapes. I have found berries as one of the most nutritious options while being the tastiest. yog2All kinds of berries are perfect partners for yogurt since they make the dairy product tastier while enabling you to enjoy ingredients high in antioxidants, fiber and a host of other health-giving nutrients. Inherently sweet, berries are also low in calories, making them ideal to pair with low fat yogurt. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and whatever berries are in season make great yogurt toppings. For great ideas you should definitely check this article.

You can also use apples, seedless green grapes, fresh pineapple chunks, mangoes, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, bananas, lychees and peaches. Dried fruit selections such as raisins are also fantastic.


Some recipes I love

Make Greek or plain yogurt your favorite comfort food by tossing together in a large bowl some fresh pineapple chunks, halved strawberries that have been hulled and sliced, seedless green grapes, mangoes and fresh raspberries. Then, take a smaller serving bowl, spoon some plain yogurt into it, sprinkle with sugar and drizzle with honey. Serve this with the fruit mixture.

I also love this simple recipe which needs one apple that I chop up and mix with some raisins, seedless grapes, sliced bananas, any berry in season, and of course, some plain or vanilla yogurt. I can choose to mix all the fruit together first before topping with the yogurt, or just mix the fruit and yogurt together.

Using a fork, I can also mash some strawberries to squeeze out their naturally sweet flavor and juice, and then add some Greek yogurt and stir everything to make sure everything is blended nicely. I taste for the level of sweetness and then drizzle some maple syrup or honey till I get the desired sweetness. I stir to incorporate the syrup or honey, and enjoy my creation.

One recipe I love that uses plain yogurt as well goes like this: In a medium-sized saucepan, I simmer some fruit, honey and salt. I stir this constantly. In a bowl, I stir together some cornstarch and water till the powder gets dissolved, and then I pour this into the fruit mixture in the pan. I simmer for another five minutes, making sure to stir frequently till I get a thick mixture that is not cloudy anymore. I allow the fruit compote to cool before doing the next step, which involves layering with my yogurt. I put about a couple of spoonfuls of the fruit compote into a plastic container or jar that can be sealed. I top that with the plain yogurt, cover the jar and refrigerate for up to a week.


I can also mix some creamy Greek yogurt with some chia seeds ( here are a few of their benefits) , some heart-friendly old-fashioned oats, plus a dash of milk. I layer this with some frozen fruit and berries, which I then place in a jar to serve as a grab-and-go breakfast any day of the week. I usually make two to ten jars of this at a time, as it can be refrigerated for several days.



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