The Best Health Foods You Should Mix with Your Yogurt

Dairy products are important for one’s health as they are packed with nutritional benefits that you can easily enjoy daily. Among them, yogurt is everyone’s favorite, because it is tasty, low in fat compared to other dairy products and it helps digestion and overall well being. If you want to make your daily yogurt intake even healthier, you can mix it with other ingredients that bring more health benefits to the table. Here are some ideas on how to enhance the superpowers of your yogurt. Remember; the best yogurt to use to keep healthy is the one you can make at home ( an yogurt maker is very useful), without preservatives and colorants that do nothing for your health.




One of the most nutritious options and also the tastiest is represented by berries. Berries of all kinds go hand in hand with yogurt like a charm and even kids will love the combination. Although it is easy to like yogurt, because of its specific taste, some may not find it that appealing. Adding a handful of berries to your yogurt serving will make it taste heavenly and the greatest thing of all is that you will be stacking on antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients important for your health. While naturally sweet, berries are low in calories, so when combined with low fat yogurt, they make for a solid addition to any diet.




Another ingredient that can make your daily dose of yogurt an even healthier choice is represented by the large and varied category of seeds. Unlike berries, these are not low in calories, but quite the contrary. However, due to their very aromatic taste, you do not have to add a lot. A sprinkle of flaxseeds or sunflower seeds on your cup of yogurt will enhance it with a plus of B vitamins, fiber, important minerals like copper and magnesium and many others. If you have a particular preferred variety of seeds, you can now consume them for breakfast together with yogurt, for a healthy, nutritious meal that will keep you going through the day.




For a larger variety of breakfast options throughout the week, you can also combine your yogurt with cereals. These are another category of foods that are readily available and very important for your health. Besides being a great source of fiber and B vitamins, cereals are packed with specific phytochemicals. These phytochemicals are different from the ones you can find in fruits and vegetables and they should be part of your daily diet. According to studies related to cancer research, consuming whole grains daily reduces the risk of developing various forms of cancer.


What kind of yogurt to use?


Now that you know about all the important health foods you should mix with your yogurt, let’s focus a little on the kind of yogurt to use. This is no rocket science, since you can use any kind of yogurt you like. However, the sole recommendation to keep in mind is to preferably make your own yogurt at home. This site, has a lot of helpful information on yogurt makers you can choose from to get a machine to make all the yogurt you want to consume every day.



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