The Best Greens to Eat Now that Spring Is Here

When in spring, our bodies feel the need to rejuvenate, to shed the warm clothes we have worn all winter, and to detoxify. The best way to do that and feel like you are born again is by eating the vegetables that are now in season. A common rule of thumb says that veggies taste best when in their season, so even if you have indulged in frozen varieties during winter, I can guarantee that nothing tastes better than fresh vegetables. Here are some great ideas about what veggies to eat that are now in season and are best packed with vitamins, minerals, and let’s not forget, flavor.




These are some spring veggies that you cannot get anytime else. The Fiddleheadsfern like plants are best eaten when they are barely here, because they grow to be inedible stalks that cannot be used for anything. If you buy these from the market, do not forget that they last about two days even in the fridge, so they are made for immediate consumption. You can sauté them with lemon, and use as a side dish for a meal.


Green garlic


Green garlicGarlic is a very strong, flavorful veggie that is used in small quantities in various recipes. Green garlic, on the other hand, is not as strong as the mature plant, so you can enjoy its very specific taste without worrying too much about heart burns. You can simply eat the young stalks – both the white and the green part – or use them as an addition to a spring salad, to which they will lend a great taste.




Similar to wild onion, ramps are something between leeks and scallions, but they sportRamps they very own specific taste. Keep in mind that their taste is quite pungent, so you may want to use them in salads, or processed, to take some of the strength of their flavor.




ArtichokesA variety of veggies that can be found in many recipes, especially Italian, artichokes are in full season in spring. Green, purple and dark red varieties can be found, and there are plenty of hybrids harvested by passionate farmers. Their particularly sweet juicy flavor can be enjoyed best right now.


English peas


English peas are sweet in taste and crunchy, so they make for the perfect spring treat. English peasYou can use them in many different ways, as an addition to salads or pureed for soups.

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